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TO: The Gary Segatti Law Firm

FROM: Haila Mansoob and Family

Dear Mr. Segatti and associates,

I would like to express my full appreciation for your work on my families petition to file a tax appeal on our properties in Detroit. The results exceeded my expectations in both the timely manner in which they were achieved and the final taxation amount which was reduced by over 50%!. You and your staff have been dependable, honest, courteous, and as helpful as possible with every visit to your office. My only regret is that I did not take advantage of your skillful and competent services and staff sooner. Not only do I feel confident in recommending your services to others, I will be using your Law firm for all other legal/property issues in the future.

Best Regards,

The Mansoob family.

Just a note to express appreciation for the professional, efficient, and economical way you have handled my personal business and the business of Village Square Condominium Association. Your staff and you are approachable and have done a superb job of explaining my options and keeping me informed on the progress of my cases.


Eugene Seals Board Member
Village Square Condominium Association

I knew the taxes on my properties are unreasonably high and the process and people whom I have to deal with to get them lowered is at best daunting, that's when I'm hiring Mr Gary Segatti as my lawyer to get it back in line with what it suppose to be.  

Clement Wright

Gary Segatti is highly knowledgeable about real estate matters and always thinks outside the box.  As an attorney who does some real estate work, Gary is always my “go to” person if I have questions about the law or when I am trying to make a determination if my potential client has a cause of action.  Gary is a tireless advocate for his clients and a great colleague.

Carrie Fuca
Attorney at law

Mr. Segatti has always proven to me to be a knowledgeable real estate attorney.
At one time, I was falsely arrested by the Westland police. When I contacted him for a referral, I discovered what a great attorney he really is. He took on my case, immediately focused on the important facts, and the judge promptly dismissed my case at the second hearing.

I couldn't have asked for a better attorney, or better results.

Dennis Mc Keehan
Westland, MI
As a real estate developer who no longer practices law, I rely on Gary Segatti for my real estate legal needs. Gary Segatti has all the qualities you are looking for in an attorney, he is knowledgeable, reasonable and straightforward. I have never been disappointed by Mr. Segatti's legal representation.

Larry John
Woodbridge Company
I have known Mr. Segatti for over twenty years and I, an attorney have retained Gary Segatti on legal issues. The results were outstanding and I have recommended Mr. Segatti to friends and clients alike. In my book Gary is one of Detroit 's Superlawyers.

Donald Teichman
I am Derlean Williams, who would like to share my experiences of receiving legal services from attorney Gary Segatti. He is easy, comfortable to talk with. He introduces himself as Gary Segatti. He interested in your concerns, community concerns. He has experience and knowledge and always ready to meet his clients challenges.

Call Attorney Gary Segatti.

May 3, 2011
Derlean Williams



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