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Articles and Opinions

Was the MERS Foreclosure Valid?

According to the Michigan Supreme Court, Yes.  Read its opinion.

Outstanding Water bills?

The lease may require the tenant to pay the water, but if not paid, the Water Department will put a lien against the land. You can avoid this obligation by submitting a “Water Lien Affidavit” to the water department. Read the opinion of the Michigan Attorney General explaining the law.

Opinion No. 6416

What to do if someone abandons a vehicle on your property.

MCL 257.252a….

(9) If a vehicle has remained on private property without the consent of the property owner, the owner of the private property may have the vehicle taken into custody as an abandoned vehicle by contacting a local towing agency. A local towing agency is considered a towing agency whose storage lot is located within 15 miles from the border of the local unit of government having jurisdiction over the abandoned vehicle.

(10) Before removing the vehicle from private property, the towing agency shall provide reasonable notice by telephone, or otherwise, to a police agency having jurisdiction over the vehicle that the vehicle is being removed. The police agency shall determine if the vehicle has been reported stolen and enter the vehicle into the law enforcement information network as an abandoned vehicle. Verification by the police agency of compliance with this section is not necessary and is not a predicate to the entrance of the vehicle into the law enforcement information network.

(11) Within 24 hours after taking the abandoned vehicle into custody, the police agency shall notify the secretary of state through the law enforcement information network that the vehicle has been taken into custody as abandoned. Each notification shall contain the following information:…………….


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