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Hypothetically Speaking ... What would you do?

1 second ...
2 seconds ...
3 seconds ...

You do not even have to point the gun at the assailant with the first shoot. Fire into the ground as you move the gun into position. The report may cause him to disengage. If not, your second shot will be point and shoot. No time to turn on a laser (should someone try to sell you one).

As quickly as we put this nightmare in front of your field of vision is how fast a real life attack will occur. Now for the more important question; how were you walking so oblivious to your surroundings that the assailant surprised you?

Find a combat course, take many. The body is not biologically set up to properly react to a death struggle. You must train so what is an unnatural movement becomes natural. You must turn a response into a reaction.

Twos to shield yourself from an attackerAre you aware that your vision will narrow in a real life and death situation? Your hearing will also narrow to the known threat. That is important because of the possibility of two attackers or an innocent down your line of fire.

Are you aware of muzzle flash and have your trained at night to compensate?

The best place to carry your pistol is on the hip. For those of you who are women, and got the whole woman thing going on, you are unlikely to do so. Give that up and when you do not give it up where will you carry your pistol? For comfort many carry in the glove compartment or trunk. Is that wise?

What is the best round to carry? With the choice of bullet comes the pistol to carry and fire that bullet. A pistol that is too heavy will be left at home after the novelty wears.

When picking the caliber and pistol you must know of muzzle flip, muzzle flash, and recoil. Is the pistol of quality? You must consider comfort and accuracy.

What if the gun jams? Can you clear it?

Can you reload or clear a jam under stress?

In a real attack your blood will leave your arms and legs to accelerate the brain and lungs. The heart will pump faster resulting in the loss of your fine motor skills. Your practice at a range with a paper targets will be useless. It will take you one or two seconds to get into the position that you practiced at the range. That does nothing to stop your assailant who already has started his attack.

If you are car jacked and your pistol is under your seat belt it is inaccessible. What lack of attention did you display to let someone get next to your car with a gun?

What will happen if a person is shot? Will the body drop or keep coming? You find yourself firing and moving – all good – you got some training, will you notice the parking bumper or hole in the ground. The movies will not be the place to learn.

Legally when can you fire that pistol and risk taking a life? Can you comport yourself to never need to find out the answer to that question?

If attacked and you defend yourself you may draw fire. What did you do with your children before firing that first round?

Do you have liability insurance? How to obtain it?

What is the best Holster?

What is the best ammunition?

How do you clean your weapon?

How to protect your eyes and ears when practicing?

A casing ejected from a semi automatic can land between your neck and shirt and fall down that shirt. It’s hot. What type of hat do you wear when training?

What if the police officer acts the fool? See attached link

Where do you obtain additional training and education?

  • Thunder Ranch
  • Front Sight
  • The Sig Saur Academy
  • Ron Pinkcus
  • Lethal Force Institute

There is a joke that says:

An expert is anyone that has to travel more than 200 miles to present. Your education and training can be at in the Tri County Area of Michigan.

The Experts listed above - are all tied for the best. Gary and Ken recommend these classes and have themselves taken them. However, you do not need to incur the travel time and expense to train with them.

Police Officers incur the time and travel expense to be trained by Ken Frank.

Gary Segatti is an NRA Pistol Instructor and supervised security for over one hundred rock concerts. Some of the Acts were Bob Weir, The Rockets, The Romantics, T-G Sheppard, and Steve Dahl for his going away party when he left Detroit for Chicago. Gary is an attorney as well.


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